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Robert Ludlum

The Osterman Weekend, 1972
The Rhinemann Exchange, 1974
The Road to Gandolfo, 1975
The Holcroft Covenant, 1978
The Bourne Identity, 1980
The Aquitaine Progression, 1984


The Scorpio Illusion, 1993

The Apocalypse Watch, 1995


The Prometheus Deception, 2000

David Morrell


The Brotherhood of the Rose, 1984
The Fraternity of the Stone, 1985
The League of Night and Fog, 1987


Fireflies, 1988


Assumed Identity, 1993

Desperate Measures, 1994
Extreme Denial, 1996
Double Image, 1998

David L. Lindsey

In the Lake of the Moon, 1988
Mercy, 1990
Body of Truth, 1992
An Absence of Light, 1994


Requiem for a Glass Heart, 1996

Peter Straub

Koko, 1988
The Throat, 1993

William Martin

Nerve Endings, 1984

Ken Alibek

Biohazard, 1999

Harry Bingham


The Money Makers, 2000

Dave Courtney


Stop the Ride, I want to get off, 1999*

David W. Maurer


The Big Con, The Story of the Confidence Man, 1999

Julie Parsons


Mary, Mary, 1998

Humphrey Hawksley & Simon Holberton

Dragon Strike, 1997

Bill Pronzini

A Wasteland of Strangers, 1997

Clive Barker

The Great and Secret Show, 1989

Peter Maas


Underboss, 1997

Samuel Jared Taylor

Shadows of the Rising Sun, A Critical View of the "Japanese Miracle", 1983

Alfred Lansing

Endurance- Shackleton's Incredible Voyage, 1959

Bruce Zimmerman


Thicker Than Water, 1991

Jim Harrison

Farmer, 1976

Bob Greene


Duty, 2000

Stephen King

Skeleton Crew, 1986

Clark Howard

Horn Man, 1981
and many other shortstories