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March 2016

True North
by Jim Harrison

Translated by Yoko Tomoda

May 2014

The Strange Country
by Ernest Hemingway

Translated by Mitsunobu Yamamoto

September 2013

The Old Man and the Sea
by Ernest Hemingway

Translated by Yoshiyuki Nakayama

September 2012

The Conan Doyle Stories, Tales of the Ring
by Conan Doyle

Translated by Kaoruko Iwasa

May 2012

Shooting Star
by Peter Temple

Translated by Sachie Keisho

March 2012

Typee A Peep at Polynesian Life
by Herman Melville

Translated by Yoshiyuki Nakayama

December 2011

Escape from Manchuria
by Paul K. Maruyama

Translated by Yoriko Takasaku

July 2010

Memory Book
by Howard Engel

Translated by Yumiko Terasaka

January 2009

The Company A Novel of The CIA
by Robert Little

Translated by Hisako Shibuya

February 2006

The Legend of Fire Horse Woman
by Jeanne Wakatsuki-Houston

Translated by Masawo Torimi

May 2008

How To Be A Bad Birdwatcher
by Simon Barnes

Translated by Masawo Torimi

January 2008

The Face of the Assassin
by David Lindsey

Translated by Yoshihiko Ishida

January 2008

by Craig Dirgo

Translated by Seiko Tonosaki


August 2007

The Translator
by Herman Taube

Translated by

Tomoaki Yamanaka


A story of survival
Of the Holocaust
A story of triumph
Of Love.
The Translator is the sensational true story of one Jewish manfs quest for love, identity and freedom from the past and his timeless discoveries.




June 2007

Treason's Time
by Frank McAdams

Translated by

Mitsunobu Yamamoto


Treason's Time is a blistering non-fiction novel based on the true story of the first U.S. military officer assigned to the eTokyo Rosef case.
A rollercoaster tour de force unique adaptation about a man whose beliefs and convictions know no borders.

February 2007

by Mark Billingham
Translated by Motoko Miki

September 2006

The Rules Of Silence
by David Lindsey

Translated by Masawo Torimi

August 2006

The Serial Killers Club
by Jeff Povey
Translated by Eri Sato

February 2006

Where the Body Meets Memory
by David Mura

Translated by Tomoaki Yamanaka

February 2006

Mortal Remains
by Peter Clement
Translated by Mutsumi Sato

January 2006

by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

Translated by Masawo Torimi

January 2006

The God of Today
by -------
Translated by Rina Hayama

November 2005

by Selma Lagerlof

Translated by Yuri Niidsuma

October 2005

by Alex Barclay
Translated by Motoko Miki

August 2005

Black Evening
by David Morrell

Translated by Daisuke Sadaki

August 2005

The Last Nazi
by Stan Pottinger
Translated by Tetsuya Nakajima

July 2004

The Cats in Krasinski Square
by Karen Hesse

Translated by Kyoko Kikuti

June 2005

by Alan Tennant
Translated by Masawo Torimi

April & July 2005

The Black Book 3, 4
by Jonah Black

Translated by Kayoko Iwata

January & February 2005

The Black Book 1, 2
by Jonah Black
Translated by Kayoko Iwata